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Classic League Teams

Classic League Overview

Traveling soccer is a great environment for competitiveness and high-level skills training. Any players considering making the jump to a traveling team should be made aware of the following:

  • Traveling soccer can be more expensive than recreational soccer. It can incur costs from professional coaching,  increased practice time and travel expenses.
  • There is an increased chance for high-level development. Players looking to play in college and beyond should seriously consider joining a traveling team.
  • Rules are generally more closely related to high school and college soccer.

Participation in Classic Competitive Soccer

REGISTRATION for the 2022 SPRING Soccer is closed.  We still have a few open spots, email with your players name and birthdate to request registration information.

The PCYS competitive (Classic/Select) soccer year runs from August 1, 2021 through July 31, 2022.  There are two playing seasons within the soccer year, Fall and Spring.  Once you are registered for the competitive soccer year (August 1 – July 31) you are only able to move to a different club with the permission of PCYS and the state.


The Fall season runs from mid-August through late October and is a tournament only season.  Player fees normally cover one Fall tournament.  Any other tournaments are chosen by coaches and are paid by teams/players that participate.  Coaches/teams will work out per player fees for each tournament.  If PCYS hosts a 3v3 tournament in the Fall, fall players may participate for free.  

The Spring season includes approximately 10 league games in the Central Wisconsin Soccer League (CWSL), two WYSA-sanctioned tournaments of your coach's choosing and any WYSA-sanctioned PCYS home tournaments (usually in June).  There is one registration for both seasons which will be open from June until early August.

For team formation, PCYS treats Fall and Spring as two different seasons.  Team placement is by season and not guaranteed from one season to the next.  The majority of players are placed on a team based on birth year and gender.  As such, many players do remain with the same team season over season.  Any movement of a player from their birth year team to another birth year team will be done only with parent permission. 


Fall 2022 registration will open in June 2022.   There is only one registration to cover both Fall and Spring.  There is no Fall only option.  


Registration for Spring is the same as Fall - late June/early August.  If your player will not be participating in Fall, you may choose to defer registration to early November when we will open again for a few weeks.  All teams are filled based on registration date so if you are planning to play Spring only, it is still best to sign up at the first registration option.  


Registration for Select or State Leagues is by invitation only.  If your player will be on a select team, please wait to register until you receive an email stating that registration is open for your team.  Each team will have its own registration period.  


U11 – U18 Player Fee - $335

U10 and under Player Fee - $250


*Note that player fees cover two tournaments for the fall season as well as the PCYS fall tournament.  Any other fall tournaments are paid separately by teams/players as the coach determines.


1. Pay in full by credit card (Visa or MasterCard) or echeck

2. Pay in installments: 34% at registration and 33% automatically on October 1, 2022 , and 33% on February 15, 2023.



Each family is responsible for a once-a-year fee of $100.  This fee will be included in your registration fee and should be charged only once per family regardless of how many players you register.  If you choose to pay your fees in one installment, the fee will be assessed at registration.  If you choose the installment plan, the fee will be assessed with the second payment (see payment options below). 



All PCYS players are required to have a PCYS uniform.   Our new uniform cycle will begin with Fall 2022.  We are working with Stefan's Soccer for the uniforms.  Numbers and uniform information for new players will be determined by the uniform coordinator after teams are formed.  Basic uniform kits cost approximately $90.  



“Playing Up”:  There is an option within registration to “play-up” an age level.  Marking "yes" to playing up does not mean you will be placed on an older team but allows team organizers to move players as needed.  Please only mark "yes" if you are willing to have your child play a level above if needed.



Competitive (Classic and Select) families are required to volunteer 4 hours at each home tournament that your player competes in (both spring and fall).  Also, families will be required to do 4 non-tournament volunteer hours. Volunteer hours can be found on the PCYS website under DIBS.  Volunteer hours are tracked and recorded through this system.  If you do not fulfill your hours during the soccer season (August 1st through the next July) a fee of $200 will be assessed for the next season.  Your player will not receive their player card until all fees are paid. Coaches, team managers, board members, and committee members are excluded from the non-tournament requirement but will still be required to volunteer at each home tournament. 



Completion of the online registration process constitutes a written agreement between you and PCYS that PCYS will place your player on a team in return for your player's commitment to play.  Refund of the player fee will be made only under the following circumstances: 1) a season-ending injury occurring

before the first game of the season, or 2) the player’s family moves out of the area before the first game of the season, or 3) if PCYS is unable to field a team that is an appropriate age level for your player.  There is no refund for the registration fee or club fee. Registration fee is $50 and paid as part of your player fee.  Uniform fees will not be refunded once a player has received his/her uniform.  Uniforms are purchased through Steffan's Soccer so any requests for refund are subject Steffan's policies. Any player not complying with fee payment deadlines will have their player card pulled until the fee is paid or a payment plan is in place. Any player not in good standing at the end of a season will not be allowed to play for PCYS in future years until outstanding obligations are paid.

Registration Instructions

For an easier registration experience, please read through the steps below BEFORE you begin registration.  

For all people registering:  Please have a recent photo of your player ready to upload before you begin registration.  A small picture of mostly the child's face and shoulders is best.  School pictures are great for this or at least a good example since they might be outdated.  Pictures taken on picture night are also good but any picture that clearly shows your players face and no one else will work.   The system will not let you proceed without a picture.

If you are new to PCYS (child has not played competitive before) please follow the link and choose Create new account

If your child was registered to play classic or select last year, please follow the directions below:

Step 1:  Your email and household info has been imported into this new system.  To claim your account, click Forgot your Password

Step 2:  Enter your email address associated with your previous account and click Send Instructions

Step 3:  Find the automated email in your inbox

Step 4:  Open the email and click Reset Password

Step 5:  Once the system opens, you can reset your password

Step 6:  Now that your password is reset, you can proceed with registration (keep the password so you can return to manage your account at a later date).