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Classic League Teams


Traveling soccer offers an exceptional environment for competitiveness and top-tier skills training. For players eyeing college-level play and beyond, it's a crucial step for high-level development. Additionally, the rules closely mirror those of high school and college soccer, ensuring a seamless transition. However, it's essential to note that traveling to soccer may come with higher costs due to professional coaching, extended practice sessions, and travel expenses. Consider these factors carefully when making your decision!

The 2024-2025 Classic League Registration is closed. The next registration window will be in the fall. 

Registration Instructions

You will need to use PlayMetrics to register your Classic League player. We have provided registration information below for your convenience and an additional document for further assistance if needed.

  1. Begin by entering the email address and password you wish to use for your account. Once completed, click or tap the "Create Account" button to initiate your account setup.
  2. You will receive a verification email shortly after at the address you entered. Look for an email from with the subject line “Verify Your PlayMetrics Account.” Click the "Confirm Email" button within the email to verify your email address and finalize your account setup.
  3. Once your email address is verified, you will be prompted to enter your contact information to complete your Parent or Guardian account setup.
  4. Next, add the necessary player information for each child you plan to register.
  5. Based on the provided player information, you will be presented with a list of programs tailored to each player.


Classic Season Play and Overview

PCYS Classic/Select Soccer Year (August 1, 2024 - July 31, 2025)

The PCYS Classic/Select soccer year spans from August 1, 2024, to July 31, 2025, and is divided into Fall and Spring seasons. Registration opens from late June to early August and covers both seasons.

Fall Season (Mid-August to Late October):

  • Focus: Tournament-based season.
  • Player Fees: Cover two Fall tournaments and the PCYS home tournament.
  • Additional Tournaments: Chosen by coaches with costs covered by participating teams/players.
  • Typical Schedule: Teams attend 4-5 tournaments, including the home tournament.
  • Potential Event: Participation in PCYS's free 3v3 tournament, if hosted.

Spring Season (Mid-May to Mid-July):

  • Focus: Includes approximately 10 league games in the Central Wisconsin Soccer League (CWSL).
  • Tournaments: Two WYSA-sanctioned tournaments selected by coaches and PCYS's WYSA-sanctioned tournaments, usually held in June.
  • Schedule: This includes league play with local teams two nights a week and traveling to nearby towns such as Marshfield, Waupaca, Wausau, Wisconsin Rapids, and possibly others.

Team Formation:

  • Organization: Teams are formed separately for Fall and Spring based on birth year and gender.
  • Placement: Continuity is common, but placement isn’t guaranteed from one season to the next.
  • Movement: Any movement between birth year teams requires parental permission.

Game Play and Weather Policy:

  • Weather: Games proceed regardless of weather unless referees deem conditions unsafe.
  • Lightning Policy: Games are stopped immediately in the event of lightning.

Fall Season Registration

Registration for the Fall 2024 soccer season is open -- Register below. This single registration will cover both the Fall and Spring seasons.

Please note there is no option to register for only the Fall season, so ensure you register within the specified timeframe to secure participation for the entire competitive soccer year.

Spring Registration

Spring registration follows Fall's schedule, opening from late June to early August. If your player won't participate in the Fall season, you can defer their registration until early November, when a brief registration window will reopen. However, please note that team placements are prioritized based on registration dates.

If you plan to play only in the spring season, it's highly recommended that you register during the initial June-August period to secure your spot.

Classic League Costs

Below is a detailed breakdown of the fees and costs associated with participating in the PCYS Classic League for the 2024-2025 soccer year, including player fees, family fees, uniform costs, and scholarship opportunities. All fees are subject to change.

Player Fees:

  • U11 – U18: $350
  • U10 and Under: $300

Fees cover two fall tournaments, including the PCYS fall tournament. Additional fall tournaments are team/coach-determined and paid separately.

Family Fee:

  • Annual Fee: $100 per family.
  • Details: Included in the registration fee, charged only once per family, regardless of the number of players. For installment plans, this fee is assessed at registration.

Payment Options:

  1. Full Payment: Pay by credit card (Visa or MasterCard) or eCheck.
  2. Installments: Pay in multiple installments.

Uniform Costs


  • Requirement: All players need a PCYS uniform.
  • Cost: Basic uniform kits cost between $110 and $130.
  • Assignment: The uniform coordinator assigns uniform details and numbers for new players after team formation.
  • **All Players will need new uniforms for the 2024-2025 season**

Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance:

  • Financial assistance is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis until the allotted funds are fully disbursed.  Note that uniform costs are not covered by this program.
  • Please include the amount requested for assistance and a brief need explanation.  Include the player's name and birth year.  
  • Please send email  Information will not be shared outside of the registrar and PCYS board of directors.  

Volunteer Requirements

Families participating in the Competitive (Classic and Select) programs are expected to contribute 4 volunteer hours at each home tournament their player competes in during the spring and fall seasons. Additionally, families must complete 4 non-tournament volunteer hours, which can be selected from available opportunities listed on the PCYS website under DIBS. All volunteer hours are logged and managed through this system.

Failure to meet the volunteer hour requirements during the soccer season (August 1st through the following July) will result in a $200 fee for the subsequent season, and players will not receive their player card until all fees are settled. Coaches, team managers, board members, and committee members are exempt from the non-tournament requirement but are still expected to volunteer at each home tournament.

Refund Policy

Completing the online registration process constitutes a written agreement between you and PCYS that PCYS will place your player on a team in return for your player's commitment to play. Refund of the player fee will be made only under the following circumstances: 1) a season-ending injury occurring before the first game of the season, or 2) the player's family moves out of the area before the first game of the season, or 3) if PCYS is unable to field a team that is an appropriate age level for your player.

  • There is no refund for the registration/player fee or club fee.
  • Uniform fees will not be refunded once a player has received his/her uniform. Uniforms are purchased through Steffan's Soccer, so any requests for a refund are subject to Steffan's policies.
  • Any player who does not comply with fee payment deadlines will have their player card pulled until the fee is paid or a payment plan is in place.
  • Any player not in good standing at the end of a season will not be allowed to play for PCYS in future years until outstanding obligations are paid.